Monday, April 22, 2013

Second update on the give away event

Hello friends! This is my second update on the give away event I am currently holding on my space. For details click on  the logo on side bar or click on GIVEAWAY EVENT to know more.

As per my last update, I had said I would write names only this time for all those who have fully qualified and completed all the rules. I am putting the names along with the number of entries.

Name                                                Entries

Sharanya Palanisshami                      5

Sanoli Ghosh                                             5

Shobha Keshwani                                   4

Manjula Bharath                                    3

Babitha Costa                                          2

Sharanya Csl                                            1

Shruti Dhingra                                        1

Chandrani                                                 1

Asiya omar                                              2

As you can see there is  a tie at the top, but I am still hoping and waiting for more entries and more people. 

Some of you have not completed all the requirements and hence I have not put the names here. Once that is done I would make new list again in  5 days.  Just two weeks more left now. Participate, spread the word and  win yourself wonderful gift.


  1. This update gives motivation to try more recipes.Soon try your other recipes also.

  2. Helpful post ...Thanks for updating !!

  3. Thanks for updating Meenu, so that we also can 'update' our entries........:)


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